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Want a no-hassle approach to raising funds for your PTA or school?


  • No collecting money from family and friends

  • No eating chocolate candy bars that you're supposed to sell


It's a win-win-win for everyone! (parent/caregiver, child, and school)



  • Tell your fundraising organization about this easy way to generate funds for your school.


  • For every automatic monthly renewal purchase ($1.99), your PTA/school receives 50% ($1.00). 


  • If 200 adults signup to receive affirmation texts monthly, your school receives $200 each month! After 5 months, that's $1000. THE MORE ADULTS WHO SIGN UP, THE MORE MONEY YOUR SCHOOL RECEIVES!


  • Get as many adults as possible to sign up! Parents and guardians will feel good as their kids feel good receiving the affirmations.





  • Direct parents/guardians/caregivers to this website ( Parents purchase the automatic monthly billing of $1.99 by clicking the     Buy Now  button below.


  • After purchasing, the adult will be directed to a sign up page to enter the ADULT'S phone number (NOT their child's phone number) and other contact information.





PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
  • Sit back and wait for a check written to your organization to help improve your school.


  • A check with your PTA/school's earnings will be sent monthly.

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